Una nuova amicizia per la Junior FC: la Solomon Islands Football Federation

Nasce un ponte virtuale che unisce la Junior FC con le isole Salomone e la loro federazione, nasce un amicizia tra paesi molto lontani e modi diversi di vivere il calcio. Alla nostra richiesta di amicizia hanno risposto favorevolmente, pensando al calcio come veicolo di interscambio culturale e sportivo. La lettera qui pubblicata è di Phillip Ohotoona (Manager - Special projects della federazione delle Isole Solomone) e spiega quali sono i loro progetti e come il calcio può aiutare, soprattutto nel loro paese, a far crescere anche i bambini più disagiati.

Le Isole Salomone (ingl. Solomon Islands ) sono una nazione insulare dell'Oceano Pacifico meridionale, nell'Oceania vicina, situate ad est di Papua Nuova Guinea. Consistono in più di 990 isole, che complessivamente coprono una superficie di 28.000 chilometri quadrati. La capitale è Honiara (49.107 abitanti), situata sull'isola di Guadalcanal.

Dear Junior FC,
I have been advised by our General Secretary of the National Football Federation, Mr. Eddie Ngava to contact you on the above. Maybe this is a beginning of a longterm partnership with your football club and academy. Let in brief describe some of the programs we involve in, in our country. The first one is the LEARN &play program which is a partnership with our national government through the ministry of education and three secondary schools to provide both education and football scholarship to 120 disadvantage kids through-out Solomon Islands each year for 3 years. These kids are kids who are pushed out from the system and through football they are priviledged to join the elites again in school and also play football.The first group have graduated this year after three years of education and football training. The last group will complete studies in 2012- although there is a strong support for its continuation - this depends very much on funding. The second program just introduced this year is the Just play program - which is targetting kids at primary level (6-12 years). This program is in partnership with OFC - UEFA and the Australian government. The local partners are the Solomon Islands Football Federation and the Ministry of Education. The program is a grassroots program and is currently being implemented across the Pacific region into primary schools and communities. Football is more than just the game; it has a considerable potential as a tool to promote education, health, inter-cultural dialogue, development and peace. These are the key messages of this program. We have already launched this program in two regions already and we will continue to extend this program to the rural areas as of 2011 and hope to complete the first 200 primary by the end of 2012. Also we target to train up to 400 teachers and would have reached 24000 kids by 2012. This sounds very ambitous but that is our target. I hope i have put you in a clear picture of what we are doing - but hope to get more from you. This is to me the way forward for football to benefit others whether in Italy or in our country - more exchanges of information as well as future exchange trips of our kids- this will be a life changing experience for them. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon
Best regards
Phillip Ohotoona
Manager - Special projects